Mitsubishi Diamond Digital Solutions Program

Our Lead Guarantee
How Does It Work?

1. Data Collection

DealerOn documents your Mitsubishi website’s lead volume (all form submissions) from your reporting suite or your CRM

2. Build & Optimization

DealerOn Builds and Optimizes Your new Compliant, Responsive Mitsubishi website.

3. Performance Guarantee

IF your Mitsubishi Site has NOT increased your leads by the Guaranteed Percentage, you can switch providers and get your money back.

30 Days after your site has been live

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Responsive Websites

DealerOn’s websites use our Responsive Platform, Chameleon, to deliver the optimal experience to your desktop or mobile customers. We use Responsive Design (as opposed to a Multi-URL, Adaptive or Seamless platform) for the same reasons that Google recommends it:


Responsive Technology is the only solution that doesn’t require User Agent Detection that plagues Google’s bots when crawl your site. A Single URL for each page (using for desktop and mobile instead of using for mobile phones) improves indexing and consolidates all inbound link value.


Responsive is better for User Experience because (as Google states) it doesn’t rely on User Agent Detection.

Ease of Management

Responsive Design requires less management, because you don’t need to create and search optimize multiple versions (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) of the same content.

Future Proof

According to Google Analytics, in 2014 the average Mitsubishi website had visitors using more than 500 different screen resolutions, and that number is growing! A Responsive Platform is the ONLY way to future-proof your site for all devices – phones, phablets, watches, glasses, other wearables.

A/B Split Testing

DealerOn has pioneered A/B testing in the retail automotive space. Your site will immediately reap the optimization learnings from each A/B test that we conduct on our platform, and you may A/B test behaviorally targeted offers on your own site with our Diamond Website Package.

Google Reporting

All of DealerOn’s websites are built, optimized, and serviced by Google Analytics Certified digital consultants. Your website is not just built for conversion, its designed to maximize leads, phone calls, coupon prints, and Google Map views and to track each of these events for optimization purposes.

Customer Support

At DealerOn, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class, industry-leading customer service to our dealer partners. As a 7-time DrivingSales Top-Rated Website Provider award winner, we strive to provide a truly remarkable customer experience to all of our clients.

Search Engine Marketing
How do we shrink your Cost per Lead as your Website Provider?

Conversion Optimization

We can test, measure, and optimize your Landing Pages for more leads and calls.

End-to-End Optimization

We can track your spend results through the CRM to the Sale and optimize your ad spend accordingly.

Quality Score

Google’s most important factor is your Quality Score; As your Agency, we maximize the relevance of your keywords, ads, ad extensions, etc, and as your WEBSITE PROVIDER, we optimize your Landing Page for relevancy.

Increase ROI on the Marketing You've Already Done;
Equity Mining for Your Website Traffic

Dynamic Retargeting

Show any website visitor an ad for their EXACT vehicle across Google's ENTIRE display network.

Remarketing lists for search ads

Specially target and market to past visitors who are searching on Google again.

Mobile Retargeting Ads

Shown by Google to increase conversation by 15%

Display Advertising
Build Awareness for Your Dealership

Connect with Consumers while they are researching.

Engage new customers before they search.

Target by demographics, interests, and content.

EXPERT STAFF – All of our Digital Staff are CERTIFIED by Google

TRANSPARENCY – Our dealers have complete visibility into how all of their budget is invested

WE DELIVER MEASURABLE RESULTS – Our dealers can easily and accurately measure their cost per lead AT THE KEYWORD LEVEL